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"White Fragility"- My 2 main take-aways.

Have you read Robin DiAngelo's "White Fragility?" I just returned my copy to the library which I had to wait 5 weeks to borrow because it seems to be in the popular zeitgeist and

I felt I needed to educate myself a bit more beyond just marching in protests. SO! If you are also on a long library waiting list to borrow this book, here were my 2 main take-aways:

1. "What has enabled you to become a full, educated, professional adult and not know what to do about racism? Its a sincere question. How have we managed not to know?...If we take that question seriously and map out all the ways we have come not to know, we will have out guide before us."

2. Racism is not a value judgement on you. Its an inescapable social system. So if someone calls your behavior racist, try to see it as an invitation to examine your behavior as part of a system that benefits you based on your skin color, rather than a judgment that you are a bad person. The first invites change, the second invites defensiveness which stunts growth.

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