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Funny Wins

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

I went to an audition awhile back for a commercial looking to cast a group of actors as a band of musicians about to check into their hotel. It didn't have much dialogue but they encouraged actual bands to audition as a group. Not being in a band myself, I was grouped together with three other guys who came alone as well. It soon became apparent to me that my group was the "goofy guys" group. All four of us were put together because we either did something mildly funny in the audition room, are we just plain old looked goofy. Sitting in the waiting room to go in together, we could see other groups who were similarly put together: there was the goth looking band, the grunge looking group, and the instagram pop star looking group. But yeah, we were the goofy group. Waiting our turn to go into the room it was tempting to try and come up with "cool" bits, or try to "look like a band" somehow. But we went into the room, had fun, and cracked a few jokes in an improv exercise that they led us through.

I'm sure you can guess where this is going, we ended up booking the commercial. For some reason, funny usually wins. When we as an audience have a physical reaction to something (laughter) we tend to remember that. Its why we tend to remember Monsieur Thénardier more than Javert at the curtain call of Les Miserables even though Javert had three songs to Thénardier's one funny song. Or why we walk out of the Lion King humming Hakuna Matata instead of Can you Feel the Love Tonight. Most of the time, funny wins.

Best of luck out there, let me know if there is anything i can do to help.

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