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When I was a kid, I went to my cousins house and watched Kevin Kline play the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance. I think thats the moment when I decided I wanted to be an actor. You should have seen the massive toy sword and costume collection I stockpiled in my closet growing up. Or the parachute that I made out of a trash bag tied to a backpack and the look of astonishment on my face as I hit the pavement and realized parachutes don't work that way.


Writing and Producing a Short Film

"Fair Weather" is a short film I wrote, produced and starred in about Gene Kelly. At the height of his career after making "Singing in the Rain," Kelly went to Paris to make art films but when he returned to Hollywood, the American public had forgotten him. "Fair Weather" is the story of an artist who grapples with the choice of making commercially viable art, or art the he is passionate about. 

Directed by Steven Broadbent, this short film is currently in post production. Stay tuned for news and updates. 


New Year Goal Setting

As you go through the process of setting your priorities for the new year, consider this exercise that I got from my brother, Rob. 

Friend Ranking:  Pick 8-10 friends in your life whom you want a stronger relationship with this year and write them down. Make a commitment to corrospond with them in some way once a week. So often we think of people who we consider our close friends but when we really look at how we spend our time, its easy to go a month or two without speaking. This exercise is meant to help you be proactive in how you track the relationships you want to make important to you this year.


Current Favorite Quote:

"The Breakthrough you are seeking lies in the work you are avoiding." -Taji Senior


                                                                    Michael Christopher Bauer


 Height: 5'8                                                                                                                     MCB257@gmail.com                               Voice : Tenor                              

Film and TV:

A Wedding and a Murder S2E9                Guest Star                                                Oxygen Network

Admission                                                     Lead                                                         Dir: Benjamin Howard (short film)

New West                                                     Lead                                                         Dir: Moritz Brandes (short film)

Fair Weather                                                 Lead/Writer/Producer                         Dir: Stephen Broadbent (short film)

INK Inc.                                                          Co-Star                                                    Apple TV

The Rachel Ray Show                                 Specialty Act                                          CBS

A Crime to Remember S4E2                      Co-Star                                                    Discovery Network

A Crime to Remember S3E7                      Co-Star                                                    Discovery Network                             The Next Step                                               Lead                                                        Dir: Stefan Wanigatunga (short film)  

Isla                                                                   Lead                                                        Dir: Adam Krueger (short film)   


Hamlet                                                            Laertes                                                   The Kraine (NYC)

As You Like it                                                 Jaques/Corin                                         Central Park NYC

Les Miserables                                              Javert                                                       The Palace Theater

Barnum                                                           Circus Performer                                   Totem Pole Playhouse

Happy Days                                                    Swing                                                      Goodspeed Opera House

King Lear                                                        Edmond                                                  Classical Studio (NYC)

Erosion: A Fable                                             Louis                                                        La Mama Theater (NYC)

Strip (with Mabou Mines)                             Lead Clown                                             PS122

Tartuffe                                                            Valere                                                      Weston Playhouse

The Pajama Game                                         Sid                                                            Shawnee Playhouse                          

The Foreigner                                                 Ellard                                                       Shawnee Playhouse

Cats                                                                  Rum Tum Tugger                                  Smithtown Center for the Arts

Hello Dolly                                                      Barnaby                                                   Arundel Barn Playhouse

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown              Schroder                                                 Century Center (NYC)

Olympus Circus Theater                               Apollo/writer/producer                       Dixon Place (NYC)


MFA in acting UCLA grad acting program

BFA in drama NYU Tisch School of the Arts 

Atlantic Studio actors training program 

Clown Gym Improv Classes

Spy Monkey physical comedy training

Special Skills

-Cyr Wheel Circus Performer

-German Wheel Circus Performer

-Fire Breather

-Knife Throwing

-Spinning Flaming Poi (non-flaming ribbon poi available as well)

-Advanced Fencing skills in Foil, Sabre and Epee


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