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Michael Bauer

Michael Christopher Bauer

Actor - Writer - Producer

News and Updates

"Space Lightning" now airing! 

I recently had the honor 

"Space Lightning," a live action kids show that I wrote, produced and performed in, is now airing on Amazon Prime, YippeeTV!

"Space Lightning" follows Intergalactic Influencer May Starshine, as she documents the misadventures of the Star Ship Intellectus Crew. It's "Lazy Town" meets "Star Trek in a world made entirely out of cardboard! Each episode teaches leadership skills, positive morals, and how to navigate everyday social situations facing preteens today.

This show wouldn't have been possible without the time and talent of fellow artists Kathryn Schott, Adam Mellema, Kay Sibal, Pablo Martinez, and Rogelio Douglas III.


Watch the trailer here:

sl network promo redisgn 2.jpg

Writer and Producer Credits

Poster Tall 16 laurels .jpg

"A lone college professor strives to expose the flaws in our education system."


-Portland Comedy Fest 

-Battle of the Sketches

-LA Comedy and Screenplay Fest

-2022 UK Seasonal Shorts

-Austin Micro Film Fest

Don't Jump 5 Laurel cover .jpg

"Two cops discuss what it means to be racist while talking a suicide jumper off of a ledge."


-LA Dark Comedy Film Fest

-Oregon Short Film Fest

-Virtual Cinema Film Fest

-San Francisco Indie Film Fest

-NY Flash Film Fest


"In this post-apocalyptic future, one man stands against tyranny and chaos, though his methods are a bit unconventional." 


-Couch Movie Fest

-Cult Movie International Fest

-Hollywood Blood Fest

-Dreamachine Int. Fest

"Do what you can, with what you have where you are."-Theodore Roosevelt

                                                                    Michael Christopher Bauer


 Height: 5'8                                                                                                                                          Voice : Tenor                              

Film and TV:

Space Lightning                                         Lead/Writer/Producer                          YippeeTV 

Whip Lord                                                    Lead/Writer/Producer                          Atlanta Comedy Film Fest             

Don't Jump                                                  Lead/Writer/Producer                          Oregon Short Film Fest Winner

Farewell Mr. Baker                                      Lead/Writer/Producer                          LA Comedy Film Fest Winner

A Wedding and a Murder S2E9                Guest Star                                                Oxygen Network

Admission                                                     Lead                                                         Dir: Benjamin Howard (short film)

New West                                                     Lead                                                         Dir: Moritz Brandes (short film)

Fair Weather                                                 Lead/Writer/Producer                         Dir: Stephen Broadbent (short film)

INK Inc.                                                          Co-Star                                                    Apple TV

The Rachel Ray Show                                 Specialty Act                                          CBS

A Crime to Remember S4E2                      Co-Star                                                    Discovery Network

A Crime to Remember S3E7                      Co-Star                                                    Discovery Network                             The Next Step                                               Lead                                                        Dir: Stefan Wanigatunga (short film)  

Don't Jump                                                    Lead/Writer/Producer                        NY Flash Film Fest     

Isla                                                                   Lead                                                        Dir: Adam Krueger (short film)   



Hamlet                                                            Laertes                                                   The Kraine (NYC)

As You Like it                                                 Jaques/Corin                                         Central Park NYC

Les Miserables                                              Javert                                                       The Palace Theater

Barnum                                                           Circus Performer                                   Totem Pole Playhouse

Happy Days                                                    Swing                                                      Goodspeed Opera House

King Lear                                                        Edmond                                                  Classical Studio (NYC)

Erosion: A Fable                                             Louis                                                        La Mama Theater (NYC)

Strip (with Mabou Mines)                             Lead Clown                                             PS122

Tartuffe                                                            Valere                                                      Weston Playhouse

The Pajama Game                                         Sid                                                            Shawnee Playhouse                          

The Foreigner                                                 Ellard                                                       Shawnee Playhouse

Cats                                                                  Rum Tum Tugger                                  Smithtown Center for the Arts

Hello Dolly                                                      Barnaby                                                   Arundel Barn Playhouse

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown              Schroder                                                 Century Center (NYC)

Olympus Circus Theater                               Apollo/writer/producer                       Dixon Place (NYC)


MFA in acting UCLA grad acting program

BFA in drama NYU Tisch School of the Arts 

Atlantic Studio actors training program 

Clown Gym Improv Classes

Spy Monkey physical comedy training

Special Skills

-Cyr Wheel Circus Performer

-German Wheel Circus Performer

-Fire Breather

-Knife Throwing

-Spinning Flaming Poi (non-flaming ribbon poi available as well)

-Advanced Fencing skills in Foil, Sabre and Epee

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